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I'm skirting the rules here. "Anything involving music." I wrote a songfic, which uses music. =P

Title: [So Far Away]
Pairing/Warnings: [None]
Rating: [PG]
Challenge: Music
Extra Info: Trent Jule

This is my life,
It’s not what it was before –
All these feelings I’ve shared.

It took a lot of courage to face down the one thing that a person knew hated them. Tonight, the night of Christmas Eve, Cosmic Era 71. It was obvious just by one’s hearing that a party was going on at the end of the hall, inside the large suite that was occupied by the young man named Yzak Jule. Five steps from the elevator and a pause, reflecting on his action of tonight – then five more steps before a full halt. Was this right? Was he doing the right thing?

These are my dreams,
That I’ve never lived before.
Somebody shake me because I –
-- I must be sleeping.

Eventually the man found his way in front of the doorway to the party. Mentally, he looked himself over. The years had been good to the elder brother of Yzak, his once long silver hair had been cut short to distinguish himself from his younger brother. Unfortunately, the younger of the two had deep hatred for the elder, which caused him to question if he should even go any further than he was. Under his right arm was a long box, wrapped in crimson paper with a golden bow. A gift, for Christmas, to his little brother.

These are my words,
That I’ve never said before.
I think I’m doing okay.

Trent Jule, the elder boy, would place the gift at the foot of the door. The loud assault of the song “Jingle Bell Rock,” could be heard through the door, causing Trent to smile a little. It had been a long time since he had heard such a party – especially with his brother in charge. Trent knew the guest list like the back of his hand; Dearka Elthman, Lacus Clyne, Athrun Zala, Shiho Hahnenfuß. Knowingly, with that small listing, others would show. He was certain Cagalli Athha would come, as well as Kira Yamato. Even if Yzak didn’t wish to admit it, he had many friends – yet, his elder brother wasn’t one of them.

And this is my smile,
That I’ve never shown before.
Somebody shake me because I –
-- I must be sleeping.

This whole night had been planned carefully in his head; each step, each word, carefully planned with precision. However, now that he was there, doing this, nothing was going right. In the end, a white gloved hand would be raised to knock on the door, and the elder of the two Jule boys would depart down the hallway, never speaking to his brother whom he had not truly spoken to in over five years.

I’m so afraid of waking,
Please don’t shake me.

Just as Trent stepped into the elevator, Yzak came to the door, stepping into the hallway. The younger boy wore a pair of khaki pants, with a Christmas sweater and a Santa hat, blinking down at the gift. As he glanced in the direction of the elevator, the doors slid shut, hiding the identity of the mysterious gift-giver. Taking the crimson box back inside, Dearka urged him to open it – rather drunkenly, one might add. As the party gathered around the box, Yzak taking careful measures to open it, the gift revealed two things. There was a white commander’s uniform, and on top of that a golden ring, with a sea foam green gem. The ring, upon closer inspection, had “GAT-X102” etched into it – the gem being a piece of the eye, removed during the destruction of the suit.

I must be sleeping.

As the females gawked over the gem in the ring, Yzak pulled out the uniform, and from it, fell something else. A silver mask, the same one that Rau had always worn, landed on the floor at Yzak’s feet – and when it was picked up, a note had been attached to the back. Kira read the note aloud, before an awkward silence befell the group, leaving “Jingle Bell Rock” to fill the void. “Never forget those who are important to you, regardless of their past mistakes.”
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