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Illusion Entry

I know this was posted almost a year ago but what the heck... I'll give it a shot.

Title: The Illusions
Pairing/Warnings: Athrun/Lacus, Kira/Lacus, Athrun/Cagalli hints
Rating: G
Challenge: Illusion
Summery- Athrun umm thinks....
Writer- Me

Disclaimer- I do NOT own Gundam SEED.
Warnings- None
Pairings- Cagalli/Athrun, Athrun/Lacus, Lacus/Kira hints

The Illusions

I thought… I thought that I could be happy with her. And then I realized that it was just a dream, an illusion… and as I realize this, the illusion breaks and turns into something new. Lacus, I’m so sorry. I wanted this to be real, I wanted it more then anything until I met her. I wanted so badly to be in love with you, I tried so hard to. But I was only a child of sixteen then and had other what I had deemed more important things on my mind. My father was the one that decided that we should wed, that we would be the leaders of the next generation. But then again I suppose we are, you and Kira, me and Cagalli. We are Coordinators and we will marry and we will be the leaders of the next generation. But it’s amazing how easily the illusion of happiness was shattered, the war began again just as it had so many years ago and we were forced to redo what we had done, what had changed us all. The illusion of peace was shattered and thus was the illusion of happiness.
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