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Title: Homemakers
Rating G
Challenge: Cooking
I used the extra options for this. :) It's a gagish fic, I'm on crack, lol.
Dearka and Lacus make Yzak and Kira.. cook, since they never do. Can Yzak and Kira do it? Dunno wtf the title came from.

Yzak Jule and Kira Yamato exchanged a glance between one another. Then, in unison, they both looked down at the kitchen counter. One that was all too familiar to Yzak, seeing as it was his kitchen. Only vaguely so to Kira, since he had been here on occasion.

Right now, however, they faced the same dilemma.

“You two should stay here and cook for us for once.” Lacus said, pointing a finger. Yzak, Dearka and her had gotten along pretty well as of late, so her and Kira came over now and then.

“Us?” Kira cocked his head. “Yes. Seeing as Lacus and I always have to cook for you guys. Since you can‘t.” Dearka added with a nod.

“I can so.” The silver haired boy said with a snaky tone.

“Microwavable meals don’t count, Yzak.” Dearka rolled his eyes, Yzak burned red with anger.

“Listen, there are instructions on the counter with what to do, so if you follow them carefully, you should be just fine.” She smiled encouragingly at Kira, and as if he was put under a spell by it, he nodded at her. “Okay. I’ll try.” Yzak shot a side glare at him for falling for those sweet words so easily.

“Okay then. Dearka and I are going out for a few things, so we should be back about when you should be finishing up. Goodbye honey.” Lacus said, playfully pinching Kira’s cheek.

“Goodbye honey.” Dearka mocked with a high pitch, doing the same to Yzak. He pulled away faster than Lacus did, seeing as Yzak looked as if he was going to maul his hand off.

Once they were well and gone, it took a while before Yzak and Kira actually got any motivation to even so much as look at the cooking instructions Lacus set up for them.

“Stew?” Yzak quirked a brow. “That’s pretty easy, no?”

“Don’t get too full of yourself. Lacus makes it sometimes and it’s more complicated than it sounds. You should get the noodles ready, I’ll cut the vegetables.”

“No, I’ll cut them. I don’t trust being around you with anything sharp.” Kira laughed nervously as Yzak shoved him out of the way to grab the knife.

Stew would seem to be tough to get right, but not too hard to handle, however with the two of them handling it, it wouldn’t be so.

“Yzak you should cut them smaller.”

“Shut up I know what I’m doing.”

Crash. The straining bowl of noodles and thus far finished vegetables that Kira was carrying slipped from his hands and clattered onto the floor, sending its contents flying. Yzak jumped from the sudden noise, thus slicing the side of his finger in the process.

“…. oops?” Kira responded to the mess now on the floor, temporarily oblivious to Yzak screeching every curse he knew out loud.

“I don’t want to do this over again.” Yzak said after he bandaged his finger, Kira finishing cleaning the would be contents of their dinner from the floor.

“But.. Lacus and Dearka wanted-”

“I know. If there was another way to finish it, and not waste any time…”

Kira blinked, standing up as Yzak’s eyes fixed on something. “Aha.”

“Wow, Kira. This is really good!” Lacus chimed later that night, helping herself to another spoonful of stew. Kira blushed.

“Yeah I got to hand it to you two. Getting it done AND not killing each other in the process.” Dearka grinned, and Yzak winced, trying to hold his spoon right over his bandaged finger.

“This sort of tastes like that stew from the restaurant near the shopping district.”

“It does…” A moment of silence. “But the stuff they made tastes way better.”


Yzak and Kira sent a half-panicked, yet half-relieved look at each other after that.
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