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my first drabble. I wrote half of it on my handphone on my way to school. train rides are boring. anyway...

Title: Music staa~to!!
Pairing: none. but I had Yzak/Kira background set in my mind for this.
Warnings: eebil Lacus, and I made fun of the characters. not written in the correct grammar and punctuation.
Rating: G
Challenge: music

lines in italic are thoughts, etc
*---* are actions


5 boys are hunched up together reading a note written in pink flowery letters. it says,
"This weekend, I want the 5 of you to perform(singing and dancing desu wa! ^_^) a song together. With this note is the video clip of the song for your reference. gambatte ne! yours, Lacus."
5 boys: *reading the video label* SMAP.....
Yzak: hmph! bakabakashii!(=this is absurd!!) I don't have time for this. *storms out of the room*
Dearka: If Yzak is not doing it, why should I? Jya na! *coolly walks out*
Athrun: I don't like the idea....
Nicol: What are you talking about Athrun? I think it's a great idea! I love singing! *starts to hum random tunes*
Athrun n Rusty: *stares at Nicol as he gets lost in his tunes*
Rusty: I don't like it myself but you Athrun, should know what happens when one is faced with Lacus' wrath...
Athrun: ....
Nicol: *exited and not listening to the other two* I need to start practising. la la la la la...
Athrun n Rusty: ....

fast forward to the fated day...
Rusty: *shocked* Yzak, Dearka! I thought you're not coming!
Dearka: Maa ne! But we figured that it's better not to "disappoint" Lacus. Right, Yzak?
Yzak totally ignores Dearka and walks away to a corner. He sees Athrun standing at the opposite corner...
Yzak: *cursing under his breath* Kusso! If it wasn't for those damned haros, I wouldn't be in this mess! Curse you Athrun for making them!

note: Lacus uses her army of haros to terrorize people. (insert Lacus: desu wa!! ^_^)

Lacus: Mina san.. I'm so glad that you could make it! Ureshi desu wa! *daps eyes for non existant tears* Saa.. mina san! Entertain me!
Dearka: Wait! I need to change into my performing outfit.
Lacus: You'd do that for me! I'm so flattered. Of course I'll wa..
Dearka: *rushes to change*
Yzak, Athrun n Rusty: he's... over enthusiastic, isn't he?
Nicol: *black aura* Makeru mon ka!! (=I won't lose!!)

While waiting for Dearka...
Lacus: *speaks to halo* I hope you got everything right, Kira. I don't want to have to dress you up in Takanori's(TMRevolution) bizarre outfit now, do we?
Kira(on the other line): *sweatdrops*... erm... I think I got everything right.
Lacus: Think? Kira... that's not good enough desu wa! ^_^
Dearka: *rushes back in*
Lacus: Aaah Dearka! I see that you're all set. Saa.... music staa~to!

Some time later, Lacus and Kira is a room watching the performance on video.
Lacus: You did and excellent job recording this Kira. *pats Kira on the head* And the boys sure was suteki. fu fu fu!
Kira: suteki??!! which part?? *looks at video*

Kira's observation:
Nicol was dancing while screeching out the song. Being a genius in piano, Nicol can't sing to save himself. He should just stick to humming.
While Athrun was just standing there, copy of lyrics in hand, and reading them out in monotone. Couldn't he at least try to be less obvious?!
Yzak was also standing there... but at least he's memorize the lyrics... and got the tune right. hmm... I didn't know Yzak can sing that well...
and Dearka... he was wearing a very loud, lime green Ricky Martin shirt and was shaking his butt like... *confused* erm... Ricky Martin? And he was so caught up in dancing that he's not even singing. Not to mention the fact that the moves didn't fit the song...
Rusty was the only passable one. He danced and sang pretty well. But being positioned next to Dearka, his performance was somewhat overshadowed.

Kira: *long sigh*
Lacus: Well... it's not like the real SMAP can sing that well.
Kira: .... I hope no SMAP fan read heard that. *sweatdrops*
Lacus: I leave you in charge of making copies.
Kira: but...
Lacus: No buts desu wa. ^_^
Kira: Sorry guys... I don't mean to betray you. T_T
Kira: .... Do you think this will sell?
Lacus: Of course!! Fangirls will buy ANYTHING!! desu wa!! ^_^


SMAP is a 5 member pop group in JAPAN.

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