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[Your Song] [Kira/Lacus]

Title: Your Song
Pairing: Kira/Lacus
Rating: G
Challenge: Music.


Kira!” The soft songstress’ voice wasn’t heard when she spoke to him. In Kira’s sleeping mind it was replaced with other voices. Each one different with each time she called out to him, trying to wake him up from his recurring nightmare.

First it was the voice of a child, one who had thanked him for protecting her. He failed her. Then it was the voice of Tolle, who put his life on the line and crossed it trying to help him. He failed him. Then it was the voice of Fllay, whom he had swore to protect, since he owed it to her. He failed her. Sometimes it was Natarle’s voice, stern and commanding. And sometimes it was Mwu’s, outgoing yet mature and insightful. He failed them too.

The people he wanted to be alive, people who he wished he was out there with to die in their place. He was in so much pain over it, it felt as if it was a waste for him to still be living.

“Kira, please wake up.” He felt a warm hand on his cheek, and slowly, his eyes opened. Sweating and taking in breaths, the voice finally matched whom was calling him. Lacus stared worriedly down at him. It took him a moment to collect himself.

“Sorry…” He muttered, sitting up on his bed and pulling the covers off of him. “I.. I had another dream.” She frowned. “I see.”

“You don’t have to worry, or come in every time you hear me tossing and turning, you know. I’ll be fine.” Lacus just shook her head at him. “But, I don’t like seeing you in pain.”

“I know, but I can’t help the dreams.” They sat in the silence for a little while, Lacus noting the exhausted look on Kira’s face. It seemed as if he didn’t sleep much lately, or that while he slept his dreams were plagued with horrific reminders of what anybody would wish they could change.

She hummed a tune loudly, slowly rocking her head from side to side. It was calm, soothing to Kira’s ears, just like way back when he heard her melodies. This… she was one thing he was glad to still be alive for. He leaned his head on her shoulder and shut his eyes.

At one point, it turned from humming into a song. A lullaby almost, one just for him, her attempt to soothe his pain. And her voice as beautiful as any instrument that could have possibly accompanied her. Slowly, Kira drifted off to sleep.

Lacus slowly moved to lie him back down on the mattress, pulling the covers over him. There was no twitching, no sounds of agony, no tossing and turning and seemingly, no nightmares. Thanks to her sympathy, her devotion to him, to be his pillar of support.

“Sleep well, Kira.” She brushed strayed strands of chocolate hair out of his eyes, and leaned down to kiss his forehead.
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Awww! <3333
*smiles* You really write absolutely beautiful little stories here. Thanks for another one!